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paper triforce

all your dreams have come and gone, living on a paper...

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Layout made by interlinea. Features the layout "Afternoon", which can be found here; obvious edits are mine.

Welcome! This is the desktop community for Angie, AKA cynnabug.

I know, I know - why have a community only for desktops? ...I dunno, actually. Seemed like an idea at the time, plus I only make headers and desktops now, and since I only have one screen, why not let the other stuff go to good homes? Hence this place.

Why 'papertriforce'? I'm a Legend of Zelda freak, and...it's mainly wallpapers? That's just a coincidence, really. I created the journal in July last year, and just now started posting in it. Maybe this is what my subconscious was aiming for all the while. *shrugs*

Either way, feel free to friend or join. I have a few things semi-planned if this place does get members, so it's all up to you.