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6th-Feb-2009 02:39 pm - #03
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Oooh, another post within three weeks of the last one! It's a miracle. ...Or it's me being prepared. :D

I'm less stressed when I'm creative, so I set myself a little task for January: one desktop for every one of the 31 days in January. I didn't make it to 31, but I did make it to 26, which is still impressive. But not so impressive when I'm making three-five a night sometimes. Eek.

Most are 1280x800, but some of them are 1280x960. ...I try to say anymore and it's going to degenerate into self-deprecation, and I'll have none of that here.

I'm all out of luck, but what else could I be.Collapse )

ETA: Heh, ignore my organizational skills. I fail at remembering what size I made things in.

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22nd-Jan-2009 01:03 pm - #02
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Now that the old's out of the way, let's get to the new.

Megapost, I guess, since there's 31 desktops here. Most 1024x768, some 1280x960. (I'm still fiddling with sizes, since I'm clueless and possibly weird.)

Annnnd now I wonder if I should crop icons out of some of these. *headdesk*

You talk that way, I'm a stranger to you.Collapse )

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22nd-Jan-2009 11:15 am - #01
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Gathering of the old stuff from sidledplant, since I want this place to start out organized. (Maybe it'll then stay organized, who knows.)

Nineteen desktops under the cut, and all are sized 1024x768.

Here's the bright end of nowhere, here's the results of all our days.Collapse )

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20th-Jan-2009 01:48 am - resources (work in progress)
(Avengers) no friends here - <lj-user="l
All resources under the cut. This will probably constantly be updated, so if it seems I forgot someone, just leave me a comment. Thank you!

Resources far as the eye can see.Collapse )

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